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5 May 2022
Something for everyone at Perth Red Cross expo

5 May 2022
Tasmanians urged to do more good

26 April 2022
Red Cross closes donations to Tonga Recovery Appeal

22 April 2022
Red Cross flood grant applications close

18 April 2022
Red Cross flood appeal update

7 April 2022
Internationally renowned Red Cross prison safety program launches in Tasmania

1 April 2022
Red Cross flood appeal payments extended to people hit by renewed flooding

30 March 2022
Register.Find.Reunite. launched for the Mid North Coast flooding (NSW) to reunite families and friends

25 March 2022
Red Cross reiterates support for Uluru Statement from the Heart

17 March 2022
Flood-hit communities urged to apply for Red Cross grants

14 March 2022
Flood-affected households to get cash grants

11 March 2022
Nation urged to dig deep to support people affected by floods

4 March 2022
Red Cross starts tracing service for people missing in Ukraine conflict

4 March 2022
Red Cross flood appeal to extend cash payments for affected people

28 February 2022
Australian Red Cross launches appeal as Ukraine crisis worsens

24 February 2022
Red Cross endorses new fundraising guidelines for natural disasters

23 February 2022
Act for humanity and support vital Red Cross work

16 February 2022
Recovery work to expand in communities hit by worst bushfires on record

14 February 2022
Red Cross warns of urgent need to expedite aid as Afghanistan economy collapses

11 February 2022
International award celebrates outstanding Red Cross nurse

10 February 2022
Red Cross introduces COVID vaccination policy

10 February 2022
Partnership to strengthen Moree communities

9 February 2022
Lady Lawley Cottage – Expression of Interest update

5 February 2022
Register.Find.Reunite launched for the Hester Brook bushfire (WA) to reunite families and friends

2 Februrary 2022
Australian Red Cross calls for intake boost of 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan

28 January 2022
Major ICRC cyber security incident

24 January 2022
Red Cross still supporting communities two years after deadly 2019/20 Summer bushfires

20 January 2022
Red Cross opens donations to Tonga disaster response

18 January 2022
Red Cross sends urgent supplies to Tonga

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