Help refugees and people seeking asylum

There’s always something you can do.

Every day, people contact us wanting to support refugees and people seeking asylum.

So we’ve compiled a few simple tips that will make an enormous difference, whether that’s having a conversation, making a donation or doing something kind in your community.

These tips are based on how Red Cross helps people seeking safety in Australia and around the world, whether they are seeking asylum, starting their lives in Australia, have experienced trafficking, forced marriage or labour exploitation, or just trying to find their missing loved ones.

Red Cross supports people regardless of where they come from or how they arrived. We don’t play any part in visa processes; our concern is that people can live safely and with dignity.

Simple acts that made a big difference

What helped a football star, a model and a doctor feel welcome in Australia.

Donate to help

Help people with food, transport, healthcare and other essentials.

Refugee and asylum seeker facts

What you need to have an informed conversation about refugees and people seeking asylum.

Hire refugees and asylum seekers

How you can help great people find jobs and enjoy work.

Volunteer to help refugees

Take action in your community, school or workplace.

Community Conversations

Discover why people seek asylum, understand the situations they face, and hear from those who've experienced it themselves.

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