Red Cross urges SA Riverland communities to prepare for psychological effects of disaster

23 November 2022

Australian Red Cross teams are actively supporting communities in the Riverland area as they prepare for incoming floods.

Trained staff and volunteers are working with the community, from primary school students to vulnerable community members, to ensure they are preparing themselves and taking steps to look after their wellbeing during a time of high stress.

Red Cross teams are:

  • Running the Pillowcase emergency preparedness program in 7 primary schools in the area.
  • Calling vulnerable community members to complete wellbeing checks, encouraging them to take steps to prepare before the emergency impacts them. Information gathered in these calls also helps assist Red Cross and other agencies with response planning.
  • Preparing to support the community as they access relief centres as they open.

Staff are available at the Berri office at 2A Ahern Street, Monday to Friday, for community members to visit to get further information and support face to face.

Media queries: and 1800 733 443

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