Red Cross welcomes Federal Budget commitment to resilience

25 October 2022

Australian Red Cross is welcoming the Commonwealth Government commitment to national resilience included in this evening’s budget.

The Commonwealth is committing up to $1 billion over 5 years, conditional on state and territory government co-investment.

“This is an important and urgently needed shift in policy and practice,” said Australian Red Cross CEO, Kym Pfitzner.

“We know that disasters are becoming more frequent, more severe, and more complex to respond to,” he said.

“The more resilient our communities, the better they’ll cope with disasters.”

“The infrastructure losses after every disaster are highly visible. What is far more unseen, but equally devastating in magnitude, are the psychological and social impacts,” said Australian Red Cross Director of Australian Programs, Vicki Mau.

“We need to keep strengthening our psychological and social wellbeing support so people and communities can better recover.”

“Disasters do not affect everyone equally. We strongly urge an inclusive approach, so that marginalised people and those at risk can benefit in culturally safe, systemic and meaningful ways,” she said.

“Our staff and volunteers are currently responding to floods in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, and a heatwave across northern Australia,” said Ms Mau.

“It is only the beginning of the summer disaster season. Australian Red Cross knows that disaster preparedness, response and recovery needs to keep up with climate caused emergencies. We commend the commitment to resilience.”


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