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Why a Global Migration Lab?

Created in 2021, the Global Migration Lab (the Lab) is a Red Cross Red Crescent Movement initiative, hosted by Australian Red Cross, to support global and coordinated action and advocacy on migration. As the largest humanitarian network in the world, we know we can do better to support migrants – and the Lab is uniquely placed to positively change the way we use data to assist, protect and advocate for at-risk migrants across the globe.

Migration and displacement pose some of the biggest humanitarian challenges of our time. Not only do migrants face increased risks along their journeys, but migration-related policies and practices also have real humanitarian consequences as migrants struggle to access essential humanitarian assistance and protection.

Experiences of migration are not uniform across the globe; they are shaped by a wide range of economic, geographic, demographic and other factors. People move across borders in search of work or better opportunities, to join family, to study; to escape conflict, persecution or human rights violations; or in response to the adverse effects of climate change, natural disasters, or other environmental factors. 

With operations in 191 countries and working as auxiliary to the public authorities in the humanitarian field, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has unparalleled relationships with local communities. Each day, Red Cross Red Crescent teams deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance and protection to millions of people – from providing food and shelter in refugee camps and information and healthcare to migrant workers, to supporting those affected by armed conflict or natural disasters.

By leveraging the unique history, mandate and global footprint of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, the Global Migration Lab produces world-leading research that is used to meet the humanitarian needs of migrants.

Introducing the Global Migration Lab: What We Do [in English]. This video is also available in French, Spanish and Arabic.

Our Values

Our own research shows that Trust is a foundation of humanitarian action. It is key to our work, as we collaborate with our partners, migrants and communities to deliver meaningful, impactful research.

For the Global Migration Lab, TRUST is built on:

  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Service
  • Transparency

Red Cross Red Crescent Fundamental Principles

Our work is guided by the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement - Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality.

Bound by the principle of neutrality, we uphold migrants’ safety, dignity and rights without seeking to encourage, discourage or prevent migration. We seek to meet the humanitarian needs of migrants irrespective of why they moved, where they are, where they come from, or their legal status.

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