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Australian Bushfires
In summer 2019/20 Australia experienced the worst bushfires on record.
Australia commits to new sanctions measures to ensure respect for IHL
New laws would enable sanctions against serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.
Kindness in a global crisis
A photo gallery celebrating humanity and kindness in the COVID pandemic.
The importance of the laws of war to companies
Criminal indictment of two Swedish business leaders for complicity in war crimes affirms the importance of the laws of war to companies.
Climate change action
By Chris Kwong, Head of Strategic Initiatives – including Sustainability and Climate Change.
Coping with climate anxiety
by John Richardson, National Resilience Adviser, Red Cross
Stories of hope and kindness
Inspiration from a tough year.
Sisters making change at Townsville Woman’s Correctional Centre
A report into the Sisters of Change program finds a safer, cleaner prison, with more hopeful prisoners.
Red Cross honours colleagues killed in the line of duty
We honour our colleagues’ lives and we mourn the too-high price they paid in carrying out their work.
Red Cross prison wellbeing program launches in Perth
An internationally acclaimed Red Cross program which improves the safety and wellbeing of prisoners has launched in Perth’s Acacia Prison.
The right recipe for a safe and warm welcome for new refugees
After fleeing conflict in Congo, Jojo and Namarke both started a new life in Albury. Now together they run a business that gives back to other refugees.
Bringing family together after the horrors of war
Hayfa is on a search to find her husband. She last saw him when they were separated by fighters in their Yazidi village, in northern Iraq.
How forcible separation affects people living in Australia
Sleep, concentration, the ability to work or settle into new lives. Separation from loved ones has profound impacts.
Acting for humanity, no matter what lies ahead
by Kym Pfitzner, CEO Australian Red Cross
World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
Listening to and learning from survivors of human trafficking.
Creating a culturally safe workplace
Our commitment to reconciliation and advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Glen’s road to freedom and independence
Thanks to support from the NRMA, Glen’s earned his licence. See what a difference it’s made.
Reconciliation Week 2021
More than a word: Reconciliation takes action
Chantelle earned her licence, and changed everything for her family
With a helping hand from Red Cross, she’s now able to help her mum get everyone to and from school and work, which has made life for the family much easier and more relaxing.
Jennet was there when no one else could be
A Red Cross volunteer for 28 years, Jennet was the sole emergency services volunteer on hand when bushfires swept through the Cann River region in Victoria last summer.
International Women’s Day 2021
Red Cross women are the forebearers, the backbone, the lifeblood of our organisation.
Nuclear weapons treaty: a new beginning
Join us to celebrate history in the making and the beginning of the end of nuclear weapons.
Couple blown away by kindness and generosity
One year on from last summer's devastating bushfires, Kangaroo Island couple Peter and Nirbeeja share the story of their recovery journey so far.

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