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Sarah’s brave face
On the loss and recovery journey after the floods.
A warm hug in hard times
As flood waters rose in Lismore, Polly found comfort at the evacuation centre.
When small actions make a big difference
After losing everything in the floods, Monica found relief in the generosity of Australians.
Supporting the Solomon Islands to prepare for COVID-19
Operations Manager Jeff Barnard shares how the islands are staying safe.
National Refugee Week 2022
We're recognising and celebrating the stories, resilience, and strength of people seeking asylum and refugees and their contributions to our local communities.
We crunched the numbers to find the most generous Australians
Years of donation data reveal who's the most kind-hearted.
The value of a teddy in times of trauma
How a simple gesture of kindness goes a long way to comfort children in a disaster.
Narooma, clear blue waters
A story of language, culture and practice told through the eyes of young people in the Narooma community.
As people from Ukraine flee fighting, Red Cross teams are there
Providing support at train stations, border crossings and rest stops throughout their journey.
Tonga Red Cross is upskilling volunteers
Volunteer coordinator Amin Taumoefolau shares his story.
Humanitech Summit 2022
Australia’s leading Summit at the intersection of technology and humanity will put the spotlight on the pressing societal issues arising from technological progress.
Putting pieces back together after the floods
Diane and Derek on recovery after the Hawkesbury rains.
Working in flood recovery
Making people feel safe and cared for during disaster.
Qld and NSW floods: Red Cross response
The situation in Queensland and New South Wales is ongoing and we will be there to support communities through their long-term recovery.
After the pouring rain come tears and brave laughs
Our Red Cross media team, Susan and Carolyn, reflect on their deployments to flood-affected areas in Queensland and NSW.
Inclusion and Diversity Change Program
We're identifying real and systemic changes we need to make.
When the floods hit, Red Cross teams were there
Photos from Red Cross volunteers as people were evacuated in eastern Australia.
Celebrating International Women’s Day
On International Women’s Day, Red Cross celebrates the contributions of women and girls. We acknowledge what we have achieved in gender equity, and we commit ourselves to the work that still needs to be done.
The heartbreaking photos of people on the move
Red Cross teams have mobilised to help people leaving Ukraine
Celebrating Detta’s legacy
Australian nurse Bernadette Gleeson awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal for dedication in nursing
I was an Australian nurse in Afghanistan
What I saw when Kabul fell will never leave me.
Australian Bushfires
In summer 2019/20 Australia experienced the worst bushfires on record.
Australia commits to new sanctions measures to ensure respect for IHL
New laws would enable sanctions against serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

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