Major ICRC cyber security incident

28 January 2022

Australian Red Cross has begun contacting clients who may have been impacted by a cyber security incident targeting the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) servers.

Australian Red Cross was notified by the ICRC on 20 January 2022 of a cyber security incident relating to the Red Cross movement’s Restoring Family Links Services and related services.

The systems that support these services are operated by the ICRC and used by Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies globally including by Australian Red Cross.

A Red Cross spokesperson said while information is still coming to light about the extent of the incident, and its impact on Australian Red Cross data, Australian Red Cross is treating it with the utmost seriousness.

Red Cross has set up a helpline that people can call with any questions about the issue, with interpreter support in 170 languages. Please call 1800 860 442. A webpage has also been set up with information that will be updated as it becomes available. Visit ICRC cyber security incident.

Red Cross takes data security and safety very seriously, especially the safety of people we help. We are working urgently to understand the extent of the breach and we are committed to taking all necessary steps to understand and mitigate any potential consequences.

There is currently no indication that any personal information has been deleted or tampered with. We have not identified any evidence of any misuse or public disclosure of this data. We are closely monitoring this and will update clients if anything changes.

Full ICRC media statement here

For media queries contact: or 1800 733 443

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