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What would you save?

Give our #minutetoleave challenge a go to see what it’s like to flee your home in an emergency.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

By donating to Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery you are providing valuable support for our disaster response teams in Australia and overseas to help as needed.


Explore ways you can get involved

Separate your woollens

Donate your winter wear and make space for your new look. Anyone can make a difference this winter by donating to Red Cross Shops.

East Africa Food Crisis Appeal – 1 year on

This time last year catastrophic drought, economic insecurity, and conflict had left almost 25 million people across East Africa on the brink of starvation.

Aged between 16-30? Take our survey

Help us design the ultimate humanitarian experience for young people.

Get Prepared on your phone

Get Prepared is a free app to help make you and your loved ones safer.

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We can't engineer a way out of the Bangladesh camps

In Bangladesh refugee camps, there is a scramble underway to prevent a catastrophe and mass deaths.

A Safe Haven for those without a bed

Some have been homeless for years. Others have just run out of luck and have nowhere else to sleep.

Prepare your pets for an emergency

When the unexpected happens, having a plan in place for your furry friend is just as important.

Our charity supports people and empowers communities to reduce suffering across Australia and internationally by mobilising the power of humanity.

Red Cross acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land, their ancestors and Elders, past and present. This website may contain the names and/or images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals now deceased.