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Are you ready for an emergency?

There are lots of simple things you can do to get prepared.

Get Prepared on your phone

Get Prepared is a free app to help make you and your loved ones safer.

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Don’t ditch it, re-gift it

Put your unwanted Christmas gifts to good use, by donating them to Red Cross shops.

Refugee girl holding her younger brother

Myanmar Crisis Appeal

Your donation will deliver help and bring them hope.

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Inside Bangladesh's refugee camps

As more than half a million people flee violence in Myanmar, they seek safety in a vast, crowded refugee camp in Bangladesh. Red Cross aid worker Mark Handby reports on conditions at the centre of this humanitarian crisis.

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Bourke Street: the day that changed a city

One year on, we remember the tragedy on Bourke Street and the kindness which followed.

Preparing for a holiday emergency

Before you hit the road, take the time to prepare. Emergencies can happen everywhere.

A busy week of wind, rain and fire

As communities in WA and SA coped with two fires and a cyclone, Red Cross was there to...

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