Looking after yourself and others during COVID-19

A pandemic plan for you and those you love

Making a plan will help if you need to isolate at home after a COVID-19 test.

The COVID Collective podcast

A series to help you stay safe, well and socially connected.

Wearing face masks

Why it’s time to cover up.

Managing COVID-19 at home

Tips for looking after yourself and what supplies you may need

Slipping into old habits allows COVID-19 to creep back

If you’ve ever made, and not kept, a resolution you’ll know how easy it is to slip back into old habits. Keeping up new ways of doing things will help keep us all safe.

Safe decision-making as COVID-19 restrictions ease

More emphasis is on us as individuals to make decisions about what is safe behaviour and how we should conduct our lives.

Tips for staying happy and hopeful during lockdown

Whatever your living situation we’ve collected tips from the extended Red Cross family to help you get through during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isolation inspiration from some of Australia’s best young sportspeople

Be motived to stay the course by the Matildas and their off-field performance during COVID-19.

Simple ways to be kind to yourself during COVID-19

A poster in multiple languages with ways to help if you are feeling worried or need ideas to maintain wellbeing during this time.

Why contact tracing is so important during COVID-19

Health Technical Lead Dr Lisa Natoli and National Resilience Advisor John Richardson look at contact tracing and why tracking down and containing outbreaks of the virus could help life go back to normal more quickly.

Six weeks into lockdown. Where to now?

At the six-week milestone, with some restrictions lifting but our old lives still on hold, remembering what mattered pre-pandemic will help us get through.

Supporting people dealing with hardship or major loss during COVID-19

Job losses, school interruptions, travel restrictions and other life changes are hitting many people hard.

Tech and other solutions for staying connected with older friends and family in the COVID-19 era

A list of bright ideas for staying connected. Made with thanks to our supporters.

Disrupted and disappointed by COVID-19

Restaurants are closed again, get-togethers cancelled and holidays postponed. But there are ways to lessen the disappointment and disruption.

Things to do with young children while staying home during COVID-19

Ways to help keep your pre-schooler entertained, happy and safe, and carve out a little space for you, during COVID-19 self-isolation.

Defusing family tension and conflict during the COVID-19 pandemic

Advice to help you watch for signs of stress among family members and techniques to defuse tensions and conflict during coronavirus isolation.

Too many still aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously

Italian Red Cross chief Francesco Rocca pleads for the world to learn from the mistakes of his country.

We need to be the 90% during the COVID-19 pandemic

Red Cross National Resilience Adviser John Richardson and Health Technical Lead Lisa Natoli urge us to become 90% heroes in the fight against coronavirus.

Talking to children and young people about COVID-19

Like adults, children are navigating something they have never experienced before. Finding the right way to talk to them about COVID-19 can help protect children and reduce their fear.

Looking after your mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Practical, helpful tips to help you and others look after your mental health and wellbeing during social distancing.

Silver linings during COVID-19

In our neighbourhoods and around the world, everywhere we look, people are sharing their strength, resilience and compassion in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic.

What is a second wave and how your actions can stop one in Australia

This is no time to take off the parachute, stay focused to help stop a second wave of COVID-19

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