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Things to do with young children while staying home during COVID-19

Ways to help keep your pre-schooler entertained, happy and safe, and carve out a little space for you, during COVID-19 self-isolation.

ABC KidsListen

Let someone else entertain your kids for a while. This is a great hub of audio stories, singalongs and games to listen along to. It includes stories that help explain COVID-19 for young listeners.

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Build a cubby

An oldie but a goodie. All you need is a few chairs, a sheet or two and some imagination. Once built, invite teddies and dolls and leave the kids to enjoy. They might even want to camp out in the cubby overnight. 

Video playdate

Set out a dolls tea party, box of Lego, colouring books or any games your child and their friends enjoy. Call up their friends for a video chat, then leave to let them play along together.

Dance party

How about having your own kids No lights No lycra party at home. Turn the lights down, the music on and let them dance like nobody is watching. 

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Scavenger hunt

For inside or out. There are plenty of scavenger hunt ideas online. Set it up, then let the kids explore the house or garden as they search for the treasures.

Join a bear hunt

Join the global bear hunt. When out for a walk spot teddies put up in windows around your neighbourhood. Or try knitting one yourself with our teddy pattern. 

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Tune in

Join Emma and Matt for a special episode as they help explain some of the big questions around Coronavirus, from staying at home to washing your hands.

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Parenting expertise

For when you get stuck and need more inspiration, this ad-free resource has parenting videos, articles and apps from Australian experts. 

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Looking after yourself and others

A pandemic plan for you and those you love

Making a plan will help if you need to isolate at home after a COVID-19 test.

The COVID Collective podcast

A series to help you stay safe, well and socially connected.

Wearing face masks

Why it’s time to cover up.

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