COVID-19 pandemic in Australia

For over 100 years, Red Cross has stood with Australians through all kinds of disasters and crises; wars, fires, and floods. The Coronavirus Pandemic was no exception.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, we were there to help the people who needed us most; people isolated from family and friends, new migrants, people who had lost their jobs and people in hotel quarantine.

What did that help look like?

  • Hundreds of thousands of wellbeing calls to Australians in hotel quarantine.
  • Regular zoom check ins with isolated people.
  • Providing hygiene packs and health information to remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.
  • Providing food, hygiene items and health information to young people experiencing homelessness.
  • Emergency relief funds, complex case work, food parcels and service referrals to 131,000 people on temporary visas or who had no visas and were facing destitution.
  • Disseminating daily community health and hygiene information to refugee and asylum seeker communities in 18 different languages.
This corner of our website is dedicated to stories, reports and resources from the COVID-19 Pandemic; it’s full of stories and insights and is a testament to how we can pull together in times of crisis.

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