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Silver linings during COVID-19

In our neighbourhoods and around the world, everywhere we look, people are sharing their strength, resilience and compassion in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic.

At times like this, being scared and worried can sometimes feel like the new normal. But in these challenging days there’s also so much hope and goodness to be found. We want to share with you some of our favourite stories of human connection.

If there is one COVID-19 story you share today let it be this. We are stronger and more resilient when we stand together.

And these musical neighbours in Sicily, Italy playing together from their balconies

If you are missing the buzz of music and nightclubs check out this Italian kitchen DJ proving you can have plenty of fun indoors

A group of Italian bus drivers show support for hospital workers by driving around their building with ‘Everything will be alright’ and ‘Thank you’ written on their vehicles

Thanks to the Good News Movement for many of these stories.

Social distancing and self-isolation do not mean social disconnection; and now more than ever it's important we stay connected with our loved ones, friends and community. Let’s support each other.

Our tips on managing self-isolation

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