What is flood hardship support for temporary visa holders in Victoria?

Flood hardship support is a Victorian Government funded financial payment for temporary visa holders (or people who have an uncertain visa status) who are experiencing financial hardship and whose work has been impacted by recent floods in Victoria.

This support is for people who do not have access to Commonwealth income support (including SRSS, Special Benefits and Job Seeker) or the Victorian Government’s Personal Hardship Assistance Program (PHAP) as their home has not been impacted by the floods.

How much is the payment?

Your application will be assessed and if eligible single people can receive up to $580. Families receive more based upon situation and size.

We know you may be in a difficult situation, however this is not income support and we know the payment may not meet all your needs.

Who is this service for?

Applicants must meet all of the following:

Live in Victoria

Were working or were seeking work in flood affected areas but are unable to commence or continue working due to the impact of the floods on their workplace

Be unable to access Commonwealth Government income support or the Victorian Government’s Personal Hardship Assistance Program (PHAP) as their home has not been impacted by the floods

Be seeking asylum, hold a temporary visa or have an uncertain visa status

Have no or very limited income, savings or community support

How do I apply?

Documents you need before you start

Visa details

  • passport number, visa grant number or Immi card number
  • if you are unsure or do not have a current visa, leave the visa fields blank or select ‘uncertain’ and we will call you for a confidential discussion

Red Cross does not share personal or visa information with the government

Bank statements

  • For all adult members of the family, including joint and linked accounts
  • Including name, BSB, account name and address
  • Dated not older than 2 weeks from date of application
  • Including transaction history from 1 October 2022

For your own security, do not upload a credit card statement or a bank statement that contains a credit card number.

Evidence of work

  • written confirmation from employer / labour hire firm, and
  • details of impacted workplace (including name and address or employer or Labour Hire company), and
  • bank account statements demonstrating payment of wages prior to the floods, and
  • copies of payslips demonstrating recent work

Submitting the above information will help us process your application as quickly as possible. If we need to ask you for missing information, this will delay the process.

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