Help for Ukraine nationals in Australia

Support and settlement services for people impacted by the armed conflict in Ukraine.

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Restoring Family Links: Armed Conflict in Ukraine
We're here to support people who have lost contact with loved ones during the armed conflict in Ukraine.

Looking after yourself

We’re strongly aware of the impact distressing events have on families and communities. This information might help you during and after a distressing event.

Apply for support through the Humanitarian Settlement Program

Through the Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP), funded by the Department of Home Affairs, we may be able to offer support, such as:

  • Airport reception, essential items and clothing where required and an initial food package
  • Package of basic household goods
  • Short-term accommodation
  • Registrations for essential services such as Medicare (if eligible), income support and opening a bank account
  • Referrals to support services including health, and legal
  • Assistance with school enrolment
  • Connections to local community groups and activities
  • Assistance to find long-term accommodation
  • Help to learn English, gain employment and access education and training
  • Orientation to Australia.


The Australian Government’s offer of temporary humanitarian stay expired on 31 July 2022. A Ukrainian national is only eligible for HSP support if:

  • they were eligible for the Australian Government’s offer of temporary humanitarian stay, and
  • accepted the offer by 11.59pm on 31 July 2022.

Red Cross HSP locations

  • Perth, Western Australia (WA)
  • Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Wollongong (NSW)
  • Wagga Wagga (NSW)
  • Albury (NSW)

Find HSP service providers in other locations »

How to apply 

  1. If you, or someone you know meets the eligibility criteria and reside in/near one of Red Cross locations, please contact us at 
  2. We will support you to provide the necessary documents. Tell us in your email if you have any urgent needs. 
  3. We request approval from Department of Home Affairs 
  4. Once you are accepted onto the Humanitarian Settlement Program, we will assess your individual needs and provide appropriate support.

Frequently asked questions

Humanitarian Settlement Program

Assistance is provided for three months for 600 visa holders and up to 18 months for 449 and 786 visa holders.

You can decide at any time to leave the program. Please discuss this with your Case Manager.

Case Manager information

Your Case Manager works with you to identify your needs and goals and assists you to access and navigate services you are eligible for during your early experience of living in Australia. Other Red Cross people including staff and volunteers may also contact and assist you during your time with the Humanitarian Settlement Program. These people work closely with your Case Manager to make sure the support you receive from Red Cross is coordinated.

Your Case Manager will advise you of their contact details and availability.

Please make appointments with your Case Manager if you need to see them, as they may be visiting other clients during office hours. This may reduce your wait time and make it easier for your Case Manager to prepare for your visit.

Visa information

No, your visa situation is not related in any way to HSP assistance.

No, Red Cross does not provide legal advice. However, we can refer you to an organisation that will be able to advise you, although there is a waiting time for appointments. You may prefer to seek advice from a private migration agent at your own expense.

For up-to-date information on visa types please go to Home Affairs' Ukraine visa support.

No, Red Cross cannot cover the cost of the BUPA examination, as this is a cost associated with your visa process.

Yes, Red Cross can help you with a Centrelink application process if you are unable to do it yourself. You must have a 449 or 786 visa to be eligible for Centrelink.

Yes, if you have a 449 or 786 visa. Visa 600 holders are not eligible for Centrelink. If you have another visa, please check with Centrelink.

Ukraine nationals in Australia who have been granted visa subclass 449 can contact Centrelink to see if they are eligible for Special Benefit and Family Tax Benefit (if applicable) through:

  • Calling the Multilingual Phone Service on 131 202 or booking an appointment for an assisted claim at your closest Service Centre.
  • In person at your closest Service Centre, and either beginning your claim there if the office has capacity, or booking an appointment to come back and be assisted to start a claim.
  • If supported by family/friends in Australia, you may like to create a MyGov account to claim online.

In order to claim, please take to the Centrelink Service Centre:

  • a statement from your Australian bank on a bank letterhead from the date the account was opened to the date of claim. The statement must include:
    • Name of Bank
    • Full name on account
    • Branch number (BSB) and
    • Account number
  • details of your finances in Australia (if any) and overseas
  • your passport, and
  • your visa grant notice.

Centrelink’s social security payments can be used to cover your costs of living.

Financial assistance available through the HSP is limited to assisting with the purchase of essentials during the early days of settlement and until you receive your Centrelink payments.

This is not intended to supplement payments from Centrelink.

If you are experiencing financial stress, your Case Manager may be able to direct you to other support options.


Yes, Red Cross has an Employment Officer and a team of employment support volunteers who can support you to find work.

Housing and accommodation

Yes, if you are on a 449 or 786 visa. Red Cross has a housing team that will be able to advise and assist you with the leasing process, but the process of finding accommodation takes time.

If at any time when you are on the program you have urgent accommodation needs, please speak with your Case Manager.


Yes, Ukrainian children are eligible to attend public schools and Intensive English Centers without fees, regardless of visa. There may be some costs such as school uniforms and stationery you will need to provide. Please discuss any needs with your Case Manager.

Yes, you can.

No, they do not. Your Case Manager will advise you of the options for your children’s enrolment.

Yes. Anyone 18 years old and over (depending on visa) can attend the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) which is delivered by TAFE.

600 visa holders can access online classes. Only 449 and 786 visa holders can attend face-to-face classes.

Your Case Manager can refer you to the AMEP program or you can enroll yourself.

Find out more about the Adult Migrant English Program »


Eligibility depends on the visa you hold.

  • Visa 600 – no Medicare eligibility
  • Visa 449 – no Medicare eligibility
  • Visa 786 – eligible for Medicare and will receive a Medicare card
  • Other visa holders please check with Medicare.

Whether or not you have a Medicare card, you should go to a public hospital emergency department in an emergency. If possible, please take to the hospital:

  • your passport as photo identification
  • your medical records
  • any medications you are taking (if any).

For life threatening emergencies call 000 (Triple Zero) and request an interpreter if you would like one. When calling 000 (Triple Zero) you will be asked if you would like to call for police, ambulance or firefighting services.

In a medical emergency, an ambulance can come to you and support your admission to hospital if needed.

Fees apply for the ambulance; however, Red Cross may be able to advocate on your behalf for some of the fees to be waived. The cost of an ambulance should not deter you from calling one if it is needed.

You can attend primary health care (General Practitioner or GP) and private dentists, but you will need to cover all associated costs of the consultation, including investigations, and medications unless you have Medicare or health insurance.

If you have non-urgent medical needs and cannot cover the cost, please discuss it with your case manager who can request approval from the Department of Home Affairs. These requests are considered by the Department on a case-by-case basis and approval is not guaranteed.

Free, 24-hour, professional health advice is available at Health Direct on 1800 022 222. You can request an interpreter and a Medicare card is not required.

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