Run a clothing donation drive

Effort: Medium | Time: 3–6 hours

Collect quality items from your colleagues, friends and local community to donate to our Red Cross shops. The sale of these goods supports Red Cross work by helping us make daily welfare phone calls to older folks who are isolated, support communities recovering from a disaster, welcome families making a new life in Australia, and so much more.

Steps to take action

  1. Contact your local Red Cross retail manager and ask what the current needs are – such as winter clothes, coats or summer clothes.
  2. Work with some friends or colleagues to plan your donation drive using our planning template. Set your timeframe for the donation drive e.g. Winter Donation Drive.
  3. Promote your donation drive – try and be as creative as possible! Social media, flyers, door knocking on your street, discuss it in social groups or at sporting events. 
  4. Take your collected donations to your local Red Cross store.
  5. Say thank you to your donors and pass on information to them about your results!

Helpful resources and tips

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