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A woman looks through a rack of clothing.

Red Cross Shops help to power the humanitarian work of Red Cross in Australia and around the world. We also play a crucial role in closing the loop on textile waste by diverting high quality vintage and preloved clothing from landfill.

What can you find in a Red Cross Shop?
Red Cross Shops offer a carefully curated selection of high quality new and pre-loved items including seasonal clothing, shoes, accessories, and homewares. We know our customers love a treasure hunt, so we ensure our shops are always full of variety, fun pieces, and vibrant displays.

We also have a loyalty program that rewards our regular shoppers with discounts. When you spend over $10 or donate to a Red Cross Shop you receive a stamp on your loyalty card, once you reach 10 stamps, you’ll get 25% off your next purchase.

Ask our friendly volunteers for one next time you’re in a Red Cross Shop.

Where do the funds raised in Red Cross Shops go?
The funds raised in Red Cross Shops support Red Cross teams on the ground in Australia and around the world, find more information about our humanitarian work.

What are the other benefits of Red Cross Shops?
When you buy from or donate to a Red Cross Shop your actions have an economic, social, and environmental impact.

  • Economic: charitable recyclers in Australia including Red Cross, generate 1 billion dollars per year for the economy, a significant amount of this goes to support social programs around Australia and in other parts of the world.

  • Social: Our stores provide an environment where volunteers are supported and celebrated for their contribution and where locals feel welcome to pop in, connect and be a part of their community.

  • Environmental: We’re proud to play a huge role in diverting tonnes of high-quality preloved clothing and homewares from landfill every year. Clothing waste is a serious environmental issue and we’re passionate about doing our bit for the planet.

What else do Red Cross Shops offer?

Red Cross Shops strive to create a safe and inclusive culture with wellbeing at their centre. We embrace diversity and welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and people with diverse lived experiences, abilities, backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, and gender expressions.

Our shops are hubs for community connection and are powered by incredible volunteers with a passion for fashion and doing good in the world. Next time you’re on the hunt for something unique or are ready to part with an item you no longer need, pop into a Red Cross Shop, and make the world a better place with us.

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