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Donate clothes and goods

Wondering where to donate clothes and goods so you can make a difference?

Lady dropping off her clothes donations at a Red Cross shop.

Red Cross Shops sell new and donated clothes, accessories and homewares to raise funds to help people in need.

We rely on the people who so generously donate quality pre-loved items that we can then sell in our shops.

Proceeds from the sale of these goods go towards our everyday work in Australia and further afield, including disaster relief and recovery, daily phone calls to check on the welfare of elderly or isolated people living alone, and helping out young parents or young homeless people.

To continue doing this, we need clothes donations to sell.

What can I donate?

Our op shops accept quality clothing donations, accessories, books and bric-a-brac and homewares. If it's good enough quality to give to a friend then it's something we'd love.

We don't accept mattresses, electrical goods or clothing with stains or damage.

How to donate

Donations can be brought into any Red Cross Shop, and our staff will add them to our charity bins for review. 

While you're there, pick up a Loyalty Card and we'll reward you with a 25% discount after your 10th purchase or donation. See terms and conditions.

Find your closest op shop to donate clothes.

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