Lady smiling in a chair after a blood donation

Did you know that a new blood donor is needed every 4 minutes in Australia, and a donation is needed every 18 seconds? Or that 1 blood donation can save up to 3 lives?Just think about how many lives you could change by donating blood. When you give blood, you’re more than just a donor. You’re the Lifeblood of your friends, family and community.

Steps to take action

  1. Ready to start saving lives? Check your eligibility and book a donation at
  2. Attend your appointment, donate and feel super happy - you've just saved up to three lives!
  3. Take a selfie and share your donation experience on social media to raise awareness.
  4. You can make a blood donation every 12 weeks, and you can donate plasma every 2 weeks!

Helpful resources

Contact Lifeblood

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