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Meet our Volunteers

Read stories from our volunteers and find out how volunteering changed their lives and the lives of vulnerable people.

The magic of volunteering

One day, Robert woke up and realised he had no one else in his life. So he decided to volunteer, and built himself a community.

Driven to help others

We talk to two volunteers at different stages of their careers to see how volunteering helps them.

Mentoring migrants to reach their full potential

What's your secret weapon for getting a job? A strong resume? Great interview skills? For some people a volunteer mentor is the trick.

On duty at police interviews

Rhonda is on call around the clock as a volunteer with one of our youth justice programs. She explains what inspires her to help young people going through tough times.

A life of silver linings

Born with a disability and teased at school, Rachel has overcome challenges to live her best life. Rachel tells how volunteering has played a part in her happiness.

James a Red Cross volunteer in Cairns

His health restored, James is giving back

When James turned 40 his doctor told him his health was in a bad way and his future didn't look good. Today, James is not only healthy and strong he's giving back to the place that changed his life.

A yarn can make all the difference

Volunteering is a way for Sam to forge a career in mental and Indigenous health, but he has gained so much more from it than a boost to his resume.

Toni, one of our Red Cross volunteers

A life full of giving

Toni makes weekly visits to several residents of aged care homes, calls isolated people living alone and she's made more than 460 donations to the Red Cross Blood Service.

Mary a Red Cross volunteer in Adelaide

No barriers to helping

Mary Edwards is known around the Red Cross office in Adelaide for her beaming smile. She volunteers there every Friday to help staff with administration work, a role she says makes her feel useful.

Colin Anker with Reg, a World War Two veteran and centenarian.

Connecting through volunteering

For volunteer Colin Anker, it’s an honour to spend time with Reg, a World War Two veteran and centenarian.

Carla a Red Cross Volunteer

Finding MATES in a new country

When Carla Roncati- Rodriguez moved far away from her home country, Brazil, to live with her husband and three kids in Australia, she experienced a completely different culture.

Saeed a Red Cross volunteer

Sharing expertise in the community

Using his expertise as a horticulturalist, Saeed spends his Saturday mornings volunteering at the Red Cross community garden in inner-Adelaide.

Volunteers in a Red Cross shop

Thinking global, acting local

Thomas, 21, began volunteering at the Red Cross shop 18 months ago. He was inspired by his best friend who was already volunteering there.

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