Emergencies and disasters

Learn how Red Cross is responding to disasters and working with communities as they recover.

Mental health support critical in disaster response

The impacts of disasters on individuals and communities can be long-term and complicated.


Practical tips to maintain your wellbeing and manage isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coping with climate anxiety

In the face of a seemingly intractable problem, some advice to help you think, take action, and cope.

The road to recovery

Months on from the Queensland and New South Wales floods, communities are rebuilding and recovering with the support of Red Cross teams.

The value of preparing for a disaster or emergency

As Australians get prepared for another La Niña event, fresh evidence has emerged of the value of preparing for a disaster or emergency.

Ready for disaster: the power of community connection

Building community resilience in Byrrill Creek.

Queensland and New South Wales Floods Report

An update on our response to the Qld & NSW floods, from support in evacuation centres, to cash assistance, and long-term help on the recovery journey for tens of thousands.

From loss and grief to recovery

The Lismore floods hit hard, and ongoing support will be needed.

The support of volunteers in recovery

In the middle of one of the worst floods in Australia’s recorded history, the power of community and the miracle of life.

A slice of paradise

With support, Rese and her family are putting their haven back together after the floods.

Sarah’s brave face

On the loss and recovery journey after the floods.

A warm hug in hard times

As flood waters rose in Lismore, Polly found comfort at the evacuation centre.

When small actions make a big difference

After losing everything in the floods, Monica found relief in the generosity of Australians.

The value of a teddy in times of trauma

How a simple gesture of kindness goes a long way to comfort children in a disaster.

Putting pieces back together after the floods

Diane and Derek on recovery after the Hawkesbury rains.

Working in flood recovery

Making people feel safe and cared for during disaster.

After the pouring rain come tears and brave laughs

Our Red Cross media team, Susan and Carolyn, reflect on their deployments to flood-affected areas in Queensland and NSW.

When the floods hit, Red Cross teams were there

Photos from Red Cross volunteers as people were evacuated in eastern Australia.

Australian Bushfires

In summer 2019/20 Australia experienced the worst bushfires on record.

Stories of hope and kindness

Inspiration from a tough year.

Jennet was there when no one else could be

A Red Cross volunteer for 28 years, Jennet was the sole emergency services volunteer on hand when bushfires swept through the Cann River region in Victoria last summer.

Mt Beauty’s journey of resilience

After 2020’s devastating bushfires, the community of Mt Beauty came together to recover – and prepare for the next disaster.

How your donations have helped Matt

Recovering from last summer's bushfires has been tough for Matt, but the support he has received from Red Cross - thanks to your donations - has helped him keep going.

Renewal through art

Art workshops are helping bushfire communities heal.

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