Emergency services stories

Learn how Red Cross is responding to disasters and working with communities as they recover.
Australian Bushfires
In summer 2019/20 Australia experienced the worst bushfires on record.
Coping with climate anxiety
by John Richardson, National Resilience Adviser, Red Cross
Stories of hope and kindness
Inspiration from a tough year.
Jennet was there when no one else could be
A Red Cross volunteer for 28 years, Jennet was the sole emergency services volunteer on hand when bushfires swept through the Cann River region in Victoria last summer.
Mt Beauty’s journey of resilience
After 2020’s devastating bushfires, the community of Mt Beauty came together to recover – and prepare for the next disaster.
How your donations have helped Matt
Recovering from last summer's bushfires has been tough for Matt, but the support he has received from Red Cross - thanks to your donations - has helped him keep going.
Renewal through art
Art workshops are helping bushfire communities heal.
Sheltering together on the beach during the fires
The people alongside to help survive the disaster came from just over the fence.
Summer bushfires: every day is a new day
Jack Wotton says he is taking every day as a new day after this summer’s bushfires destroyed his family’s home near the village of Cobargo, in south-east New South Wales.
”That’s the way communities are supposed to be.”
For Sherrie Nye, the summer bushfires didn’t just devastate her hometown of Mogo, they tore at the heart of her very being. But the months afterwards have shown the strength within Sherrie, her family and community.
Bushfires: the difference kindness has made
Many bushfire survivors in Mogo are coming forward for help for the first time. Local resident Richard Adams is grateful to all the people whose donations and kindness continue to make that support possible.
A place to call home
On an isolated cattle farm that was hit hard by the Black Summer bushfires the Sturgess family are building a new home for their friend Smiley, with the help of two Red Cross emergency relief grants.
Hope from the ashes
Meet some of the people you’ve helped get back on their feet after the bushfires.
When life throws another curveball
Marianne was four when she learned to swim. Every weekend her grandmother took her and her brothers to the Mitchell River in East Gippsland.
Everyone needs good neighbours in an emergency
How neighbours really can be your best friends during any traumatic time in your life.
New growth on blackened land
A vegetable garden re-grows hope for a family after fire tears through their home and dreams.
Each work tells a story
Household items salvaged from the ashes are being turned into artworks that tell a story of recovery.
First aid ups fire-fighters’ skills
How fire-fighters are using first aid and mental health first aid taught by Red Cross to help during this season’s devastating bushfires.
The underrated power of tea and comfort
Deb Egan knows the tangible power of a listening ear, a smile and a simple cup of tea to someone caught up in a crisis like this summer’s bushfires.
The best news ever
Kim’s family lost everything during the 3 January bushfires that ravaged Kangaroo Island. But from the wreckage comes a new start and a much-needed financial buffer.
Coping with Australia’s summer of bushfires
Disasters can be distressing and stressful and you don’t have to be directly involved to be affected. Find out how to look after yourself and others in the wake of the Black Summer bushfires.
This is what it takes to pay a grant
These are the steps we take to provide financial assistance to people affected by the bushfires.
The return of Lord Timothy
Peter and his wife lost everything in the January 3rd bushfires that ravaged large swathes of Kangaroo Island. But with the devastation comes a tale of recovery.
Reaching out to fire-affected communities: our volunteers go home to home
Red Cross volunteer Kacey Lam gives this first-hand account of outreach visits to people recovering after the fires.

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