When the floods hit, Red Cross teams were there

Photos from Red Cross volunteers as people were evacuated in eastern Australia.

As hundreds of thousands of people continue to be affected by floods in eastern Australia, local Red Cross teams are there supporting them.

Thousands in Queensland were evacuated due to intense storms and flooding, and as the floods force evacuations in New South Wales, volunteers have raced to help.

We’ve seen the power of humanity in action.  

Red Cross teams in the Caboolture evacuation centre. Red Cross teams support people who have to evacuate or cannot return home with psychological first aid, food and water, and registering them using our reunification service Register.Find.Reunite, so their loved ones know they are safe. Photo: Susan Cullinan/Australian Red Cross
The Caboolture River in southeast Queensland flooded, and floodwaters inundated roads, homes and businesses. Photo: Susan Cullinan/Australian Red Cross
Red Cross volunteers Heather, Reg and Gordy are ready to support people at the Maryborough evacuation centre. Photo: Gordon Williams/Australian Red Cross
A Red Cross volunteer speaks with a resident in the wake of flooding in Ipswich. Photo: Susan Cullinan/Australian Red Cross
A Red Cross volunteer distributes toiletries in an evacuation centre in Logan. Essentials like food and toiletries are important when people have had to evacuate quickly or cannot return home because of road closures or dangerous conditions. Photo: Carolyn Varley/Australian Red Cross
Register.Find.Reunite registers, finds and reunites family, friends and loved ones after an emergency. It’s important in disasters when people aren’t able to contact loved ones themselves because of the complexity of the emergency or power outages. Photo: Carolyn Varley/Australian Red Cross

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