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Membership resources

This page is designed especially for our Red Cross Members to access valuable membership and organisational information at any time.

COVID-19 Red Cross Member guidelines for the safe return to Member-run activities

Guidelines and checklists are available for Red Cross member groups to prepare for returning to activities after 30 June 2020.

As you work through these guidelines you’ll see that for all member activities, your member group will need to appoint an Activity Lead, usually an office bearer or coordinator. Prior to commencing activities you will need to have approval from your State or Territory Director/Mobilisation Hub

Contact if you would like us to send these resources to you.

Membership improvements
From 1 July 2016 we're introducing some simple changes that make being a member easier - like offering multiple year membership at a discounted price, and a rolling 12 month membership instead of your membership expiring at the end of each financial year. More information.

Membership Application Form
This membership application form can be downloaded and completed electronically or as printed version, then signed and mailed to the address supplied on the form.
colour version | black and white version | Family Membership form

Membership flyer »
This flyer can be used to promote Red Cross in the community, providing an overview of the work of Red Cross members in and around Australian communities.

Youth Membership flyer »
This flyer can be used to promote Red Cross Young Humanitarian Membership in the community, providing an overview of Red Cross and the benefits of joining.

Pocket card »
This pocket-sized guide can be used to recruit members and talk about Red Cross.

University Club flyer »
This flyer can be used to promote Red Cross University Clubs and provides information on how to join as a Red Cross Member.

Media Release template »
The media release template can be used to promote member activities and events which are taking place. colour version | black and white version

Image Release Form » 
The form is used to gain the approval from those people in photos to ensure their image can be used in a wider context.

Membership Privacy » 
Download the Australian Red Cross Privacy Collection Notice with Membership Information.

Insurance Q&A for Members »

Insurance Notification Form »
This is a template document for members to complete prior to running events to ensure that Red Cross Insurance covers the event they are planning to conduct.

Online acceptance of Child Protection of Code of Conduct »

Child Protection Policy »
This policy speaks to the responsibilities that we all have to minimise the risk of abuse to children and young people participating in Australian Red Cross activities.

Child Protection Information for Members »
This document shares information on the Child Protection Policy and how this relates to members and member activities.

Social Media Policy »

Local Facebook Page Guidelines »

Royal Charter and Rules of the Australian Red Cross Society »
These rules set out the framework of governance and the operations of the Society.

Divisional Regulations »
Divisions of the Society are constituted in each State and Territory of Australia and these regulations outline their powers and function.

Public Liability Certificate of Currency »
This document can be used by Red Cross Members who are required to provide this information to an external party in conjunction with an event.

Red Cross National Awards
The Red Cross National Awards are a way to recognise special achievements by Red Cross People, with awards going to those who display exceptional leadership, service or performance through their contributions to Red Cross and the community.
booklet | poster | nomination forms

Below is a collection of current Red Cross resources that are found on our website. They have been collated here for ease of access viewing.

Red Cross publications and documents »
This link takes to you the collection of Red Cross publications and documents including Annual Reports, Magazines, Strategy and Policy Documents and various other resources.

Resource collections
Emergency Services resources »
Emergency Services Schools resources »
IHL resources »
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources »
Schools resources »

Program information
Homelessness brochure 
Promoting mental health for individuals, families and communities 
Offenders and their families - making a difference
Human Trafficking in Australia FAQ 
Migrant Workers' Rights in Australia 
Support for Trafficked People Brochure
Asylum Seekers - 13 things you should know

Guidelines for Branch Treasurers »
This document provides Branch Treasurers with the information that they need in order to effectively perform their role as a Treasurer.

Guidance on Branch Renewals »
A brief outline for Branch Treasurers on how best to manage branch renewals based on an improved, well defined process.

Fundraise for Red Cross »
An information guide on organising fundraising activities. It outlines what you need to know before you start planning and how we can help you.

Red Cross Calling »
Information on the national fundraising campaign that takes place every March. Members can be involved in Red Cross Calling in a variety of ways.

Fundraising and Donations Guide »

The NSW Divisional Advisory Board invites you to the Annual General Meeting on Friday 9 October 2020.

Virtual Webinar

Time: 1:30pm to 3pm

National Awards as well as State Service Award citations will be read out along with presentations from Guest Speakers.

Minutes of the 105th NSW AGM 2019

NSW AGM Agenda

We will be running Microsoft Teams test sessions in the week prior to the AGM to assist any members and volunteers who are unused to using webinars to practice joining. 

Downloading Microsoft Teams

Recording of NSW 2020 AGM

NSW 2020 AGM Summary

Acknowledgement and meaning behind symbol

The Minutes of the 2019 NSW Red Cross AGM will be tabled for approval at the upcoming 2020 AGM. As this is a virtual webinar there is very limited ability for members to register comments about the minutes during the meeting.

We are asking all members to review the 2019 AGM Minutes  prior to the meeting and if you would like to register a comment or proposed change please email by 5pm Thursday 8 October 2020.

At the meeting the 2019 AGM Minutes will be taken as Accepted by Members unless notification is received to the contrary by the above deadline.

The Queensland Advisory Board invites you to the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 8 October 2020.

Virtual Webinar

Time: 10am to 12pm

National Awards as well as State Service Award citations will be read out along with presentations from Guest Speakers.

Minutes of the 105th QLD AGM 2019

QLD AGM Agenda 2020

Join the meeting at 10am on Thursday 8th October 2020. 


 Join by phone: dial +61 2 8318 0090 and enter the conference ID 523555623 

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Divisional Advisory Board invites you to the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 7th October 2020 from 6pm to 8pm.

Virtual Webinar

Time: 6pm to 8pm

Distinguished Team and Outstanding Service Awards will presented along with Guest Speakers providing highlights of the Australian Red Cross in the ACT in 2020.

Minutes of the 2019 ACT AGM

2020 ACT AGM Agenda

Join the meeting at 6pm on Wednesday 7th October 2020. 

For information on downloading Teams, please refer to this page: Downloading Microsoft Teams

For assistance, please email