Celebrating Reconciliation Week

We’re marking Reconciliation Week with a pledge to make reconciliation a reality. Join us.

Australia is home to the oldest continuing culture on earth, to peoples whose histories, achievements and resilience shapes our rich national identity.

Red Cross walks alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and organisations. We support their healing, celebrate their contributions, empower their voice and together work towards ending discrimination and racism. 

We deeply respect and value our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander volunteers, staff and clients, and what they bring to our humanitarian work.

We know that the more all Australians understand our shared history, the more we value and celebrate First Nations peoples, the more we all thrive.

Reconciliation week

This year, Red Cross is hosting and participating in reconciliation events across the country.  We are joining this year’s theme Don't Keep History a Mystery and exploring the untold truths in our shared history so we can learn, share and grow as a nation together.

We are also pledging to make reconciliation a reality.

Imagine if …

Each one of us did something practical and personal to promote understanding and respect.

Let’s start today.

  • Learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and take pride in achievements.
  • Get to know each other, make friendships the foundation for true reconciliation.
  • Respectfully challenge and counter racism and prejudice.
  • Create opportunities for all children and young people to succeed and shine and be proud of their heritage.
  • Respect, support and learn from Indigenous-led solutions and processes.

Let’s make reconciliation real

Join us and make your own commitment to reconciliation.

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