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Emergency services

Learn how Red Cross is responding to disasters and working with communities as they recover.

Recovery takes time

Living through the Black Saturday bushfires at Kinglake in 2009 taught Anne Leadbeater what it takes to recover from a disaster. Now she offers some timely advice.

Our response to the bushfires

24 January update: What Red Cross is doing to support communities affected by this summer's bushfires and how your donations are helping.

Australian bushfires: how we’re using funds

Our plan to help people and communities recover well.

It sounded like a hundred jets

After Matt lost his home to bushfires on New Year’s Eve, Red Cross was there to help.

These are extraordinary times with extraordinary responses

A message from Red Cross CEO Judy Slatyer.

Our response to the bushfires: 17 Jan 2020

Learn what Red Cross is doing to support communities affected by this summer's bushfires and how your donations are helping.

A sweet approach to supporting fire affected communities

“We saw what was happening on the news and just wanted to help in some way,” said 14-year-old Clara.

This is what people go through in disasters

The whole range of human emotion is on show, right now, sometimes all at once. The very nature of emergency or disaster both takes away some of the boundaries, and sharpens the focus.

Our response to the bushfires: 10 Jan 2020

Learn what Red Cross is doing to support communities affected by this summer's bushfires and how your donations are helping.

Surviving the fires

One family’s story on surviving the catastrophic Mallacoota fires and how Red Cross was there to help.

Leaving Mallacoota

Cut off from the world by fires, the only way out was by ship. Red Cross was there at every step.

Our response to the bushfires: 3 Jan 2020

Learn what Red Cross is doing to support communities affected by this summer's bushfires and how your donations are helping.

How Aussies are rallying to help as a record bushfire season hits

People, your generosity and enthusiasm to help has floored us as Australia copes with one of the worst bushfire seasons on record.

Courage and resilience bring hope amidst devastation

NSW & ACT Director Poppy Brown recently visited bushfire affected communities in NSW. Here she talks about why that gives her hope.

Red Cross volunteers in the heart of bushfire country

As bushfires rage through the hills of Kempsey, Red Cross volunteers create a warm and welcoming place for people whose lives have been disrupted.

Remote communities headed home

Recovery begins after Cyclone Trevor.

Humans of the flood

Townsville flooded after more than a metre of rain fell in nine days. Red Cross has been managing large volumes of people in temporary evacuation centres. Susan Cullinan shares her experience from one of them.

Ten years on from the Victorian Bushfires

Andrew Coghlan, National Manager of our Emergency Services Program, reflects on the tragic 2009 Victorian Bushfires.

Remembering the 2009 Victorian Bushfires

A decade on from one of Australia’s worst-ever natural disasters, our thoughts are with those who lost their lives, those who survived, those left behind, and those still struggling to recover.

Wildlife warrior and baby wallaby keeping spirits up

As Deepwater residents flee the devastating bushfires, one little evacuee is bringing a smile to their faces.

Bushfires and other disasters - lessons from the frontline

From people who have survived fires and floods to the volunteers who help them to cope and put their lives back together, those who've been there share what they learned.

In his own words

The country has been deeply affected by the rape and murder of young comedian Eurydice Dixon. Our National Resilience Advisor John Richardson shares his raw personal experience of the public grief.

Recovering from tragedies like Osmington

As Margaret River grieves for the loss of a family, here are some tips for taking care of yourself and your children.

A Safe Haven for those without a bed

Some have been homeless for years. Others have just run out of luck and have nowhere else to sleep.

Still raw, a year after the flood

One year after Cyclone Debbie triggered flash flooding, women in the village of Condong reflect on how life has changed.

In an evacuation centre

Inside the Bega Evacuation centre a community’s beating heart is on public display.

Red Cross responds to bushfires in Victoria and New South Wales

We’re offering psychological first aid and helping reconnect families in Bega and South-West Victoria.

Support in North QLD floods

”They’re a tough lot, North Queenslanders,” Red Cross volunteer Karen says at the end of a couple of days making calls to people caught up in recent flooding.

The Sea of Flowers Phenomenon

A new paper highlights the important role in public grieving played by temporary memorials – the sea of flowers and other items that springs up temporarily at times of collective trauma.

Spirits high at evacuation centre

Offering support to community evacuated from Daly River, NT.

A lifeline for stranded WA family

An emergency food drop by helicopter.

Responding to a week of wild weather

Floods, winds and bushfires – we’ve just been hit by all of them. It’s time to prepare for whatever comes next.

In South Australia, heatwave help is at hand

Telecross REDi has been activated in SA ahead of heatwave conditions this long weekend.

Bourke Street: the day that changed a city

One year on, we remember the tragedy on Bourke Street and the kindness which followed.

A busy week of wind, rain and fire

As communities in WA and SA coped with two fires and a cyclone, Red Cross was there to help register people and distribute relief supplies, from clothing to a comforting teddy bear.

On hand in extreme heat and fire

Red Cross teams are on hand as much of the country swelters under extreme heat.

A listening ear after tragedy

If you’re around Flinders Street, look out for a Red Cross volunteer.

Red Cross outreach worker supporting a local woman.

Six months after Cyclone Debbie, life is far from normal

It's been half a year since Cyclone Debbie crossed the north Queensland coast, and many people in the cyclone's path still carry the emotional scars.

Red Cross staff working with communities all over Australia to ensure they feel included.

After the Emergency

A collaboration between Red Cross, Triple J, Smiling Mind and other recovery experts to develop a podcast of new music and advice to help people who have experienced trauma.