2023 stories

Youth Week 2023 - Caroline

In the last year, Caroline and her team of volunteers have responded to 242 call outs. Of that, sixteen young people asked to be referred for further support.

Youth Week 2023 - Dallas

In his work with prisoners, Dallas also provides a vital cultural overlay for Aboriginal people in the Tasmanian justice system,bridging the gap between prisoners and the wider Aboriginal community.

Youth Week 2023 - University of Queensland

An incredible 46 University of Queensland students teamed up to tackle a 26km trek, raising $282 in an incredible effort for The Human Race.

May the 4th be with you

The reality of warfare in outer space

Emergency services to help communities through disaster

“I held people’s hands and offered them a shoulder to cry on.”

Migration support for thousands of people each year

“I am with you on this journey. I hear you. You are not alone.”

International Programs for faster and more effective aid

“In an emergency, the people best placed to help are already there.”

Community support for thousands of isolated people

“I’ve seen how this support brings a sense of purpose to people’s lives.”

Ensuring respect for International Humanitarian Law

“It’s a privilege to be a part of a global network working towards the benefit of humanity.”

How do photos of our work make a difference?

Red Cross joins a research project investigating the way we see humanitarian crises.

The road to recovery

Queensland and New South Wales floods 2022: 12-month report

Global hunger crisis escalating in severity

Behind the staggeringly high numbers are real people – men, women and children battling death-level hunger every day.

Mental health support critical in disaster response

The impacts of disasters on individuals and communities can be long-term and complicated.

“I don’t think I would’ve coped without her”

A Red Cross visitor is helping 94-year-old Kathryn overcome isolation and loneliness.

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