Responding to the Ukraine crisis

12-month Impact Report.

Twelve months after the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine, your generosity is saving lives.

As the conflict in Ukraine grinds on, the devastation of the last 12 months has affected the lives of millions of people.

I woke up on 24 February not knowing what was going on … I heard bombings so my husband said we must go.
Yana, a young mother who was forced to flee to Poland with her two children

Donors like you have generously given more than $16 million to help get critical humanitarian aid and services to the many people caught up in this unfolding crisis.

The response

This has been one of the largest humanitarian operations in the history of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

What we’ve delivered

humanitarian assistance to 14.5 million people

access to clean water for 10.6 million people

health interventions for 1.1 million people

accommodation and shelter support for 1.8 million people

But our work is far from done. In the coming weeks and months, many more people will continue to need assistance. With your help, Red Cross will be there.

A warm welcome

As well as supporting people in and near the conflict zone, Australian Red Cross is helping new migrants start again in Australia.

Olena was forced to flee a good life in Ukraine when shelling began in her home city of Zaporizhzhia.

Since arriving in Darwin, she has re-established herself with the help of the local Red Cross Connected Women program. Her daughter Yuliia says, “They’ve given Mum friendship, support and understanding. They’ve helped her find herself again as she starts over.”

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In the face of ongoing attacks, Red Cross rapid response teams work around the clock, distributing humanitarian aid and providing first aid and other critical support alongside state emergency services.

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Your help is still needed

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

We continue to be gravely concerned for the safety of communities in Ukraine.

The people caught up in this are in urgent need of support and protection. With your help, we can reach them.

Global Hunger Crisis Appeal

The impacts of the Ukraine conflict are being felt around the world. One example is that grain prices in Africa have increased sharply due to export slumps in Ukraine and Russia, leaving millions of people in the Horn of Africa facing acute food insecurity.

Donate to the Global Hunger Crisis Appeal and help connect vulnerable people with food, water and critical services.

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