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Help your community get prepared

Effort: High | Time: > 6 hours

We know that communities who are better connected, organised and knowledgeable about their risks and vulnerabilities cope better with the impacts of disasters. Forming a community resilience and preparedness group will help your community respond better to future emergencies.

Steps to take action 

  1. Understand what risks face your local community by talking to your local council, SES, fire service and Red Cross emergency services team.
  2. Engage your community and have a conversation about the risks you’ve identified. Invite a guest speaker to present the facts and facilitate the conversation. Have multiple conversations throughout the year.
  3. Form a community resilience and preparedness group in your local community.  There are many steps involved in forming this group, but your local Red Cross Emergency Services team can help support you in using the RediCommunities Guide. Reach out to your local Red Cross office to get started.

Helpful resources 

Our RediCommunities Guide can get you started with helping your community get prepared