Help your neighbour get prepared for an emergency

Effort: Medium | Time: < 3 hours


Are your neighbours prepared for an emergency? You can help them identify their key support people, accomplish simple tasks to make them and their loved ones safer, and protect the things that matter most to them.

Steps to take action

  1. Before you can assist someone else in getting prepared, make sure you are experienced in preparing yourself for emergencies.
  2. Identify any neighbours who might appreciate assistance in preparing for an emergency. If you don’t have anyone immediately in mind, you might like to drop a note in letterboxes offering your assistance. 
  3. Assist your neighbour to complete a RediPlan. The RediPlan has been designed to provide an easy-to-follow set of actions to help people plan for emergencies. 
  4. Assist your neighbour to download and use the Get Prepared app - an easy to use app that helps people access information and tools to complete an emergency plan. It builds on the Red Cross RediPlan. The Get Prepared app can be downloaded from the App store or from Google Play.

Helpful resources

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