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Being ready to respond to an emergency or any event that impacts your life can make a huge difference in how you respond and recover. Here are actions to help get you and your community ready.

Start an emergency phone tree

Effort: Medium | Time: 1-3 hours

Register to work with vulnerable people

Effort: Low | Time: < 1 hour

Help your neighbour get prepared for an emergency

Effort: Medium | Time: < 3 hours

Help your community get prepared

Effort: High | Time: > 6 hours

Get your household prepared for emergencies

Effort: Low | Time: < 3 hours

Get the Australian Red Cross First Aid App

Effort: Low | Time: < 1 hour

Find your nearest Defibrillator

Effort: Low | Time: 30 minutes

Do the Pack up your House Challenge

Effort: Low | Time: <3 hours