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Board committees

There are 13 Red Cross Board Committees, all of which include Board Members. The Board also appoints various other committees including advisory committees and specialist committees which are established for short-term, specific or ad hoc purposes.

Audit and Risk Committee
Assists the Board in ensuring that Red Cross meets its essential audit and risk compliance requirements.

Finance Committee
Assists the Board in ensuring that Red Cross meets its essential financial requirements.

Governance Committee
Reviews the governance framework of Red Cross and recommends improvements.

Information Technology Committee
Advised the Board on key decisions relating to major projects to replace our existing IT platform and implement a common set of business processes throughout Australia. The committee was retired this year.

International Committee
Supports and advises the Board in its deliberations on the Society’s international program and its strategy, frameworks, policy and risk.

Members and Volunteers Committee
Provides strategic oversight and advice to the Board on opportunities and challenges for our membership and voluntary services programs; expansion of the membership of the Society and member engagement; and meaningful expansion and enhancement of voluntary service.

Migration Programs Advisory Committee
Makes recommendations to the Board regarding Red Cross programs dealing with the impact of migration.

National Awards Committee
Approves nominations for awards and makes recommendations for ways to acknowledge the efforts of Red Cross people.

National Emergency Services Advisory Committee
Provides strategic advice to the Board on emergency services programs undertaken by Red Cross.

National Youth Advisory Committee
Advises the Board and consults on youth policies and programs, including youth engagement and leadership opportunities.

Nominations and Remuneration Committee
Supports and advises the Board regarding appointment of Board Members, succession planning, remuneration and employment, induction, training and education programs.

Services Committee
Guides and monitors the progress of Red Cross services and the activities of their members and volunteers.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) Advisory Committee
Provides independent advice to the Board and to the ARCBS Board of Management on all technical and safety issues. Ensures the highest standards of medical and scientific practice and product safety are met.

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