Council of the Society of Australian Red Cross

Meeting at least once a year, National Council's responsibilities include receiving reports and the financial statements, electing Office Bearers, and appointing Additional Board Members.

The Council is made up of the President and 53 voting members, including all members of the Australian Red Cross Board, up to six Special Councillors and 32 members elected or appointed by the Divisional Advisory Boards of each state and territory, one of whom must be a youth member from each state and territory.

Members of the Council

Australian Red Cross Board Members

Special Councillors
Ross Pinney, Winifred Smith AM, Rose Rhodes, John Pinney AM, Dianne Buckles and Anne Macarthur AM

Council members appointed or elected by each Divisional Advisory Board:

ACT Division
Alexandra Lia, Eveline Kuang, and Noel Arulthilakan

NSW Division
Nick Young, Valmae Ryan, Natasha Adam, June Hutchison, and Susan Strahorn

NT Division
Kathleen Cole, Tarn Kaldor, Georgia Hagias, and Susan Kilgour

QLD Division
Helen Clarke, Amber Corbin, Rain Liivoja, Rohitha Badya, and Gavin Scott

SA Division
Keith Wilson, Fairerlyn Korgar, Aneta Peretko, Pat Pearson, and Sandra Sifis

TAS Division
Melanie Ross, Mia Arnott, Howard Colvin, Rita Richards, and Steven Phipps

VIC Division
Garry Nolan AM, Tina Hosseini, Bianca Goebel, and Jennifer Seabrook

WA Division
Steve Joske, Karyn Collins, Kristy Bizzaca, and Lara Pratt

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