The Board may form Board Committees to help it undertake its role. Each Board Committee will have Terms of Reference, determined by the Board, which provide details as to the purpose of the Committee, its composition, and other requirements and may include authority delegated by the Board to make decisions on behalf of the Board.

The Board may abolish any Committee it has formed (except for those specified in the Rules) and remove any member from a Committee.

The main Board Committees are

Audit and Risk Committee
Assists the Board in ensuring that Red Cross meets its essential audit and risk compliance requirements.

Finance Committee
Assists the Board in ensuring that Red Cross meets its essential financial requirements.

National Awards Committee
Approves nominations for awards and makes recommendations for ways to acknowledge the efforts of Red Cross people.

National Youth Advisory Committee
Advises the Board and consults on youth policies and programs, including youth engagement and leadership opportunities.

Nominations and Remuneration Committee
Supports and advises the Board regarding appointments of Board Members, succession planning, remuneration and employment, induction, training and education programs.

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
Provides independent advice to the Board on all technical and safety issues. Ensures the highest standards of medical and scientific practice and product safety are met.

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