Resources for communities

The following resources have been designed to assist people with supporting their community in emergencies.

Community Assessment & Engagement Tool 
Targeting the delivery of Red Cross Emergency Services preparedness activities

RediCommunities: community-led resilience for emergencies
The RediCommunities Guidelines and Toolkit have been developed for individuals, volunteers and community groups interested in building the resilience of their communities to natural and human-made hazards. This project ran as a pilot, starting in 2015, in the Grampians Region of Victoria. The successful pilot led to significant benefits including increased community connectedness, emergency preparedness planning and increased capacity to anticipate and cope with the impacts of emergencies. The pilot was extended in 2018/2019, working with additional communities across Victoria.

Community-led Resilience Teams: a guide for establishing and developing Community-led Resilience Teams in local communities
The Red Cross Community-led Resilience Team (CRT) project supports local villages and other communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and other emergency events. The project commenced in Northern NSW after widespread flooding following Tropical Cyclone Debbie in 2017. It has now been developed as an ‘all hazards’ community-led response to fires, floods, and pandemic. The model is flexible enough to work in any community, and for any emergency, with the use of the practical step-by-step guide. The Red Cross CRT project won the NSW Resilient Australia Community Award in 2020. It has been developed in close collaboration with emergency services agencies and local Councils, and led by the communities themselves.

Climate ready communities

Support your community to prepare for the impacts of climate change

Climate change is happening and is here to stay. With the poor and vulnerable likely to be hit the hardest, it's essential that communities are supported to adapt to the changing conditions. Our Climate-Ready Communities: A Guide to Getting Started is to help communities adapt.

In South Australia, you can join the Climate Ready Communities Project.

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