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What your bequest could do

A legacy donation can change people’s lives

Leaving a bequest to a charity like Red Cross could mean everything for people here in Australia and across the world. Today these special donations are helping us react in disasters, ensure people have access to healthcare, provide better communities through befriending and mentoring programmes, and give people who are experiencing real hardship a helping hand when they need it most.

Your gift will enable Red Cross to be there in times of need

Clean water taps provided by Red Cross after an emergency.

Safe Water

Red Cross empowers communities across the Asia Pacific region to prevent this suffering by improving water and sanitation systems.

Red Cross staff helping people recover after a disaster.

Emergency Services

As soon as a disaster strikes Red Cross is there providing thousands of people with support in their journey towards recovery.

Elderly woman receiving a phone call from Red Cross telechat service.

Daily phone calls

By leaving a gift, your help will ensure thousands of people receive a daily phone call to check they are ok.

See how we used gifts to help people around the world in 2017

Meet Keith

Keith first came across the Red Cross when he was a POW in WWII. He says they were the reason he survived. And why he’s decided to leave a bequest in his Will.

Help making or changing your Will

If you need help changing your Will or making a new one, we can help you find a reputable solicitor through the National Solicitor Network.

Everything you need to know

From the wording of your Will to the types of gift you could choose to bequest, we’ll give you all the essential information.

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