Meet other Bequestors and join Friends of Red Cross

Friends of Red Cross 

By leaving a gift to our work in your Will, you will join an honoured group of supporters within the Red Cross family: the Friends of Red Cross. Together, the Friends of Red Cross are shaping a world where everyone can receive help, comfort and support in times of crisis and disaster.

As a highly valued member of the Friends of Red Cross, you’ll receive:

  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Unique membership gift
  • Invitations to exclusive events to share in our achievements and be part of our story 
  • VIP updates on our work at Red Cross

We celebrate our Friends of Red Cross today, and every day, for the hope they inspire for future generations. We are so grateful for their commitment, and we hope to welcome you amongst our Friends of Red Cross too.

Who are the people that have decided to leave a gift in their Will to Red Cross?

If you’re considering a gift in your Will to Red Cross, but haven’t quite made your mind up, we invite you to meet some of our bequestors.

Watch the videos below and you’ll see that all different kinds of people have acted for humanity and left a gift in their Will to Red Cross, for all kinds of personal reasons.

If you’re inspired to support Red Cross with a gift in your Will, please get in touch.

Bruce Smith

Bruce’s love for his wife, Mavis, led him to a lifetime dedicated to helping others through Red Cross. It is through his love for Mavis that he hopes his gift in his Will can leave an enduring legacy beyond his lifetime, just as Mavis did.

Shirley Gash

Shirley Gash's father, Erle Chandler Gash, passed away in 2010 at the age of 93. Throughout Shirley's life, right up until his passing, Erle made her pledge that she would remember Red Cross and leave a bequest if able. He was not in a financial position to leave a bequest himself, so Shirley is carrying out his wishes.

Bob Ernst

Since 2003, Bob Ernst has been a committed Red Cross volunteer at our Young Parents Program in Sydney. Bob has decided to leave a gift in his Will to Red Cross, he says, "My feelings about the role of Red Cross are very much about us doing our bit to help the vulnerable. Of course the young parents and their children very much fall into that category. I am also aware that the impact of climate change will be to increase the vulnerability of many, many people. So Red Cross will have many more demands that will need a response."

Keith Campbell

When Keith Campbell was in his early twenties, he was a member of the R.A.A.F Bomber Command in England. In July of 1944, his aircraft was hit by flak over Germany and he became a Prisoner of War. His first contact with Red Cross was at the interrogation centre, where he was given food and clothing. Throughout the war, he told us, support from Red Cross was the difference between surviving and not making it. While Keith humbly says he could not possibly repay this generosity, he has left a gift in his Will as a gesture of thanks. His kind bequest will ensure Red Cross can continue to be there for people in need for generations to come.

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