Red Cross NAIDOC Awards

Honouring outstanding First Nations women and men around the country.

NAIDOC Week is an important week for Red Cross to recognise and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures, histories and achievements.

It’s the fourth year Red Cross has run our own NAIDOC Awards honouring outstanding First Nations women and men around the country, working alongside communities to pursue their goals.

'Because of her we can' Outstanding Contribution award

Kerry Klimm, Brisbane, QLD

Kerry is a proud Kuku Yelanji and Koko Lama Lama woman and has dedicated her professional life to amplifying the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. She works to ensure the histories and cultures of First Nations peoples is accurately and respectfully portrayed, and seeks also to redress the under-representation of Indigenous perspectives in the media and in Red Cross stories. In her work as a storyteller in the Red Cross media and communications team, she has guided and facilitated significant campaigns, putting culturally sensitive representation front and centre. She is a role model for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in her advocacy for an inclusive Australia and racism-free world.

‘Because of her we can’ Outstanding Contribution award

Deb Moyle, SA

Deb Moyle is a proud Ngarrindjeri woman who lives and breathes indigenous-led solutions to matters impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. As a Red Cross Project Manager for Justice Reinvestment projects, she has lead the development of the Port Adelaide Aboriginal Leadership group together with Justice Reinvestment SA to lead and monitor justice and Aboriginal family wellbeing.


Jenny Brown, Sydney, NSW

Jenny Brown has provided exceptional leadership in growing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership team at Australian Red Cross, to ensure a strong collective voice on matters affecting First Nations peoples. As a National Lead in the organisation, her work has positively influenced the highest levels of Red Cross including its five-year strategy and ways of working.

Community Service

Loretta Bin Omar, Kimberley, WA

A Nyikina woman from the Derby area and Traditional Owner, Loretta has a lifetime of experience working with the Kimberley community. From working with the Royal Flying Doctors Service to community development at Red Cross, she has an intimate understanding of Aboriginal communities, the Stolen Generations and associated intergenerational trauma. Loretta is well known for her generosity in sharing her culture, history and hope for a positive way forward, supporting Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people on their cultural journeys.

Creative Culture

Cathy Thomas, Wallaga Lake, NSW

Djirringjanj woman Cathy Thomas from Wallaga Lake on the far south coast of NSW is helping grow local Dhurga language, history and connection to culture in the region.

As a Red Cross Community Development Officer, Cathy has formed a partnership with the Little Yuin Preschool sharing her knowledge of local language, keeping it alive and strong for future generations. She is also leading the way in designing a playground together with local children that features a cultural nature track, bush tucker, community vegetable garden, totems and signage.

Together as Partners

Samuel Savage, Townsville, QLD

Sam is a Traditional Owner of the Bindal Nation in Townsville. His ancestry is both Aboriginal (Birrigubba Nation) and Torres Strait Islander (Mauar Island). He has worked for Red Cross since 2014 and is currently working to re-engage young people involved with the juvenile justice system. He also works with men who have been involved with domestic or family violence. Sam is a Red Cross Community Partnerships and Development Officer forging important relationships in the Townsville area to strengthen an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. He has lead NAIDOC celebrations in Townsville and has also been selected to participate in the First Nations People Reference group, which will assist in developing a local Reconciliation Action Plan for the Townsville District Police.

Young person

Gavin Greenoff, Darwin, NT

Gavin Greenoff is a proud Jawoyn man living in Darwin. At 20 years of age, youth worker and football player Gavin is a role model for young people at The Shak Youth Centre in Darwin. Having completed a Cert IV in Community Services, he has been a reliable member of the team for the past two years, helping make a safe and supportive drop-in space for all young people in the Darwin region. He maintains strong links to local schools and service providers who work with The Shak and supports youth work trainees new to the sector. He is also a keen AFL football player and shares that passion with young people at the centre.

Young person: Special Mention

Paul Garlett, Kwinana, WA

Paul Garlett is a Ballardong man from the Wheatbelt area of WA and also has family connections to the Wadjuk Knaarla Karla Boodja region across the south west of the state. For the past two years he has volunteered with Red Cross helping people in the Kwinana community. He drops into the Medina Aboriginal Cultural Centre each day and helps out with local activities from facilitating healthy food education sessions, to cooking for the local men’s group and coordinating weekly netball and basketball events for youth. Paul loves his community and is passionate about helping support families, bringing strong cultural knowledge and a community network.

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