Narooma, clear blue waters

A story of language, culture and practice told through the eyes of young people in the Narooma community.

Red Cross acknowledges the traditional owners of the Yuin nation, where Narooma is situated. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging voices such as the young people who took part in the Digital Storytelling project.

The aim of the Digital Storytelling program was to cultivate Indigenous youth leaders, bring culture and language into the school, provide cultural mentors to the participants and create a space for local Aboriginal stories to be celebrated and valued.

Young people told their own stories through multimedia.

We walked alongside, facilitating and coordinating through a process of community consultation and partnerships with local organisations.

These are the videos and projects created. All were developed, shot and edited by the high school participants with the assistance of their cultural and technical mentors.

Balindjang Home (Balindjang Home)

The digital storytelling film crew (the Crew) produced a reading of a children’s book in Dhurga language with a local primary school. The video of the reading will be shared in the council library’s digital collection.

I was exposed to a lot more storytelling and learned more about respecting Elders.


The Crew collaborated with a local primary school to capture some of the nursery rhymes they have been learning in local Dhurga language. The aim is to share these songs on online children’s learning platforms so kids from other schools around the country can also learn from and utilise them.

Another collaboration on nursery rhymes in Dhurga. The aim is to share these songs on online children’s learning platforms so kids from other schools around the country can also learn from and utilise them.

The crew worked with Badha (waterhole) year 1 class to perform this well-known nursery rhyme.

The crew worked with Gubidja Gurgadj (Little Frog) Kindergarten and year 1 class to perform and record this song of native Australian animals.

Hanging out talking about culture was fun.

Down For My Brothers with Gabadoo (Down For My Brothers with Gabadoo)

The Crew collaborated with local rap artist Gabadoo and Grow the Music to find out more about his life growing up around the area and his musical journey.

I learnt more about my family and realised stories and connections I had never realised about my own history

Meet the Crew (Meet the Crew)

Meet the Crew of emerging Indigenous leaders from the local high school who took part in this program. Here, they reflect on their experience and what they have learnt.

Sharing and celebrating Dhurga


For many years, Dhurga was a sleeping language. Through these, and other, local projects, the language is being revived in many areas across the Yuin Nation.

Learn and share some words in Dhurga.
  • Walawaani – welcome (safe journey)
  • bird – budjan
  • kookaburra – gugunyal
  • magpie – gurimbaga
  • earth – bagan
  • evening – yiribini
  • sea – barra barra
  • Yuin People – yuwinj
  • youth – garindja
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We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the Yuin nation. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. Thank you to our collaboration partners: Merrimans Land Council, Bega Valley Local Shire council, On Country Australia, Narooma High School, Grow The Music and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Thank you to Vanessa Milton from Australian Broadcasting Corporation, community Elders and members.

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