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Migration support

Hear the stories of migrants and refugees seeking safety and making a new home in Australia, and our teams who support them on their journey.

10 things you can do to help refugees and people impacted by the crisis in Afghanistan

Here’s a few ways you can help people in Afghanistan, support those who have just arrived in Australia, and make your local community an even more welcoming and inclusive place to live.

Connected Women

Comfort, support, and friendship – see how Connected Women is helping migrant women in the NT feel safe and valued.

How forcible separation affects people living in Australia

Sleep, concentration, the ability to work or settle into new lives. Separation from loved ones has profound impacts.

Being a refugee is about courage

“Being a refugee is not something shameful. In fact, it’s an honour to have survived and made it through,” says former refugee and Australian Red Cross support worker Mohammad Almadi.

Friendship and support to begin a new life in Australia

Gordana Ivanovska knows the difference kindness makes when you’re starting your life over.

Riding towards friends and belonging in a new country

A program that provides bikes to recently-arrived refugee families is helping children find friendship, connection and balance in their new homes.

Working on the frontline to end human trafficking

Modern slavery happens in Australia. Meet the people behind the scenes dedicated to supporting people who have been trafficked.

The power of a helping hand

Food in your stomach, a roof over your head, a doctor when you are sick – these are things everyone deserves.

Bringing family together after the horrors of war

Hayfa is on a search to find her husband. She last saw him when they were separated by fighters in their Yazidi village, in northern Iraq.

Safety and dignity come first

A Global Compact on Migration should protect migrants and refugees, no matter what.

Matin wearing a high vis shirt standing smiling outside his workplace

Asylum seekers – people you want to hire

People seeking asylum can be outstanding employees – if we work together to lift the barriers.

Kindness goes a long way

Sayed’s hope carried him from Afghanistan to Australia. A little kindness helped him start his life here.

More support for victims of forced marriage

Red Cross will provide more support to victims of forced marriage following an announcement by the Federal Government.

Nimal came to Australia to study for his PhD and started volunteering for Red Cross back in 2011 by offering support to Tamil refugees and asylum seekers from Sri Lanka.

We talk Migration Matters in Melbourne

How can we work together to better support vulnerable migrants?

Yvette runs our International Humanitarian Law program and advises on our unique approach to humanitarian advocacy.

Jess talks about barriers that refugees face in Australia

Jessica Shonk is a social worker and Team Leader of Australian Red Cross’ Refugee and Asylum Seeker Emergency Relief program.

Man speaking at the Red Talks migration matters event.

Nimal talks about refugees beginning life again

Nimal came to Australia to study for his PhD and started volunteering for Red Cross back in 2011 by offering support to Tamil refugees and asylum seekers from Sri Lanka.

Recently arrived migrant talking about his life in Australia.

Life in Australia - English

From language to culture, food to healthcare, education to transport, everything's different in a new country; there are so many new things to learn and understand.

The right recipe for a safe and warm welcome for new refugees

After fleeing conflict in Congo, Jojo and Namarke both started a new life in Albury. Now together they run a business that gives back to other refugees.

A fresh start in a new home

It’s a phone call Elie and his family waited years for. They waited so long that when it finally came, Elie couldn’t believe it. His mum screamed “Elie, it’s happening!” They were going to a new home – Australia.