National Refugee Week 2022

We're recognising and celebrating the stories, resilience, and strength of people seeking asylum and refugees and their contributions to our local communities.
Connected Women is a program run in the Northern Territory to help migrant women make connections, learn new skills, and thrive in their new home. Participants showcase their talents at the Festival of Unity community event in Darwin, 2021. Photo: Dilini Perera/Australian Red Cross.

Australian Red Cross reflects Australian society, rich in cultural and linguistic diversity. Across the organisation – staff, volunteers, and members – have a diverse range of lived experiences, including seeking asylum in Australia.

Across Australia we play a critical role in building safe, fair, welcoming and inclusive communities for migrants and refugees by ensuring they are protected from harm, are able to meet their humanitarian needs and have pathways to safe and dignified work. Through our nationwide presence and trusted reputation, we also support local communities and businesses to meaningfully welcome migrants and refugees.

Refugees and people seeking asylum may come with little to no possessions, but they are not empty-handed. They bring strength, resilience, knowledge, and skills to Australia that they can share with their new communities and friends.

National Refugee Week is about all of us listening and learning from refugee perspectives and understand what we can all do to welcome and support new members of our communities and to create an even more welcoming Australia.

Open arms, open heart

Assadullah Khurrami from our Migration Support Program talks about how he and his team deliver humanitarian settlement services for newly arrived refugees.

10 Things You Can Do

Whether it’s starting a conversation, saying “Hello” in their mother tongue, or simply being curious, people who are refugees come from all walks of life. Each person has their own hopes, interests, talent, and dreams. By making everybody feel welcome - with an open heart, open mind, and open arms - we can all do our part to build a more welcoming and inclusive Australia.

Take the opportunity to start a dialogue, and listen and speak from the heart with authenticity, curiosity, and compassion.

Here are 10 Things You Can Do to champion a more welcoming and inclusive Australia and help celebrate and support people seeking asylum and refugees »

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