Australian Bushfires
In summer 2019/20 Australia experienced the worst bushfires on record.
Kindness in a global crisis
A photo gallery celebrating humanity and kindness in the COVID pandemic.
Climate change action
By Chris Kwong, Head of Strategic Initiatives – including Sustainability and Climate Change.
Coping with climate anxiety
by John Richardson, National Resilience Adviser, Red Cross
Acting for humanity, no matter what lies ahead
by Kym Pfitzner, CEO Australian Red Cross
World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
Listening to and learning from survivors of human trafficking.
Reconciliation Week 2021
More than a word: Reconciliation takes action
Chantelle earned her licence, and changed everything for her family
With a helping hand from Red Cross, she’s now able to help her mum get everyone to and from school and work, which has made life for the family much easier and more relaxing.
International Women’s Day 2021
Red Cross women are the forebearers, the backbone, the lifeblood of our organisation.
How your donations have helped Matt
Recovering from last summer's bushfires has been tough for Matt, but the support he has received from Red Cross - thanks to your donations - has helped him keep going.

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