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Mogo bushfire: building back strong

Meet some of the resilient locals of a town recovering from the devastation of this summer's bushfires.

Mogo, on the New South Wales South Coast, was one of the towns hardest-hit by the bushfires. But in the wake of tragedy the people of this small town have rallied together.

They are helping each other to move forward, rebuild and cope with the physical and psychosocial effects. Meet some of the resilient residents of Mogo, in Yuin country.


Despite the deep losses they endured during the bushfires, First Nations peoples are playing a huge and vital role in recovery. This is Keith’s story.


“You can heal yourself but there's no point in being healed if those around you are still broken. That’s why we all need to walk it together and at the end of it we’re all going to be healed.” This is how Sherrie and her family found healing after the bushfires.



Richard shares his insights into why recovery from a bushfire can take so long, and why some people are only now coming forward for help.



Marilyn, her husband and two young kids made a tree-change from the city. They had only lived in their house for 12 months before it was burnt down. Marilyn talks about the kindness and generosity of strangers and how that's made her feel hopeful again.

To the strong and resilient community of Mogo, we are proud to walk with you on your journey of recovery. And to all those who have donated and helped bushfire-affected communities like Mogo, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Every day people tell us how your donations have helped them to make the right choices for their recovery. Together you’ve helped thousands of people to replace precious things, make repairs to their homes, cover out-of-pocket funeral or hospital costs and find safe places to live.

We are humbled by the generosity of so many people, community groups and companies – across Australia and around and world – who have made this much-needed support possible.

Read our six-month bushfire report, a testament to the strength of those who endured this tragedy, the kindness of those who donated and the dedication of the helpers.