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Register to work with vulnerable people

Effort: Low | Time: < 1 hour

Many organisations require you to have a working with vulnerable people (WWVP) or working with children (WWC) check to volunteer or help in times of emergency. By registering for a WWVP / WWC you can be ready to help Red Cross or other organisations when the community requires humanitarian help.

Steps to take action 

  1. Complete an online application for your WWVP / WWC check. You can do this by accessing the helpful links below. Some organisations will reimburse you for the volunteer card fee if you are in a volunteer program which requires it. 
  2. Your WWVP / WWC check is not transferable between states, so be sure to update it if you move. 
  3. Checks are usually valid for 5 years, but check your expiry date.

Helpful resources