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Find your nearest Defibrillator

Effort: Low | Time: 30 minutes

50-70% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims survive if defibrillation occurs within the first 5 minutes. For every minute that passes, there is a 10% less chance of survival. Do you know where the nearest defibrillator is at your work? At the shopping centre? Would you know how to find one if you needed to help someone?

Steps to take action

St Johns Ambulance Australia provides the most up-to-date AED locator map for all locations across Australia.

  1. Visit the AED locator map or download the Resuscitate app from the App store
  2. The app will use your location to determine your closest AED and display directions to that device.
  3. The app also includes an instructional video on how to use an AED, directions on how to perform CPR and manage an unconscious patient, and links to other useful sites and apps.
  4. Encourage others to use the AED Locator app.