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What will you pass on?

What would you give to the next generation?

It's a big question, but for many people it's an important one. Everything we do now impacts on the next generation. So, what is the one thing you'd like to pass on?

Some people want to pass on a particular passion - music, art or theatre for example. Others want to provide financial stability for their families. And then there are people who want to pass on an idea that they believe in. It could be the wish to create a better world, or to give a helping hand to people who need it most. 

As a Red Cross supporter, we'd like to know what you think about Wills and in particular gifts in Wills to charities. One in every five dollars donated to Red Cross comes from gifts in Wills. It's an enormous contribution, for which we are very grateful. These gifts help people in Australia and overseas continue to get the help they need to build a better future for themselves and their families. 

We've created a short survey so that we can get a better idea of your views about Red Cross and this special way to support charities.

Take the survey

If you'd rather speak to a member of our Red Cross bequest team for impartial and friendly advice, simply call 1800 811 700.