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REDxYouth Activators is an online leadership experience that brings together incredible young leaders from across Australia, and builds on the group’s diverse backgrounds and life experience, to supercharge participants’ skills and confidence to activate change on social and humanitarian issues within their own lives and communities.

Through the program, participants build on their strengths and life experience, applying new mindsets, methods and tools to take action and mobilise others on issues that matter within their own communities – such as mental health, inequality, discrimination, homelessness, migration, climate change and natural disasters.

The program is delivered over a 10-week period and built around a weekly 90-minute facilitated workshop in which the participants are guided through immersive content, introduced to inspiring speakers, and given the space to connect and collaborate with one another. Each workshop is followed up by weekly challenges: self-directed activities designed to prompt practical investigation and deeper reflection on concepts and questions explored in the workshop.

Throughout the experience, participants will be supported by their crews: participants and mentors, meeting weekly to reflect and collaborate on program content and to practically test and apply new thinking together. The program is designed to nurture young Australians, who are creating positive change in their communities and seeking to take their skills and influence to the next level – to inspire and mobilise greater action across their networks.

For those interested in running their own program you can download the open source Activators Blueprint.

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Disasterous Dinners

Emergencies can strike at anytime, anywhere and without warning. The good news is, it's easy to protect yourself, the people you love and the things you value most.

The Queensland Youth Advisory Council created the initiative ‘Disasterous Dinners’ after the devastating impact of the 2019-2020 bushfires followed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Disasterous Dinner Host Guide will take you through the steps to host a unique dinner experience so that you, your friends, family and community are prepared should a disaster situation strike.

Watch this video of Nataya & Hayley sharing their experience of creating Disasterous Dinners.


At REDxYouth we host a variety of workshops and webinars to upskill young people. Whether you’re looking to meet like-minded people or develop your skills, these events are fantastic ways to build your capability as a changemaker. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about the latest events.

Here are some recording of our favourite sessions to get you started on your changemaker journey:

Youth Changemakers Podcast

Youth Changemakers is a podcast brought to you by REDxYouth, where young people share stories about taking action in their communities and making a difference in the world, big or small. We're more than excited to share these stories with you to help & inspire you in your humanitarian journey.

If you, or someone you know, is a young person making a difference in the world and would like to be featured on our podcast email the team. 

Listen now on your favourite podcast platform listening service.

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