Taking action on humanitarian issues.

REDxYouth is a growing network of young people supported by Australian Red Cross to take action on humanitarian issues in their communities, locally and globally. The network comprises young people aged 30 and under who are passionate about change.

The REDxYouth network is made up of young people from right across Australia who are taking action in diverse ways, but who are all connected to Australian Red Cross. REDxYouth take action by participating in the governance of Australian Red Cross, leading workshops, participating in our programs, designing initiatives, joining discussion panels, supporting our campaigns and so much more.

Here are some of the fantastic young people who are leading change within the network.

Ane Coetzee

Prior to being appointed Chair of the National Youth Advisory Committee, Ané Coetzee was Chair of the New South Wales Youth Advisory Committee. Ané is the founder and CEO of Young Women in Sustainable Development, which is an organisation that addresses the barriers preventing young women from taking action on some of the world’s most pressing issues (SDGs) and amplifies their voices in every aspect of international development from policy to implementation.

Nataya Branjerdporn

Nataya Branjerdporn volunteers with the Australian Red Cross Queensland Youth Advisory Committee (also known as QYAC) and has been working hard over the last year with to develop a disaster preparedness community education tool called ‘Disasterous Dinners’.

Tiyana Jovanovic

Tiyana Jovanovic is a PhD student, activist, humanitarian, and social entrepreneur passionate about communication and storytelling for social change. She founded the Humanitarian Changemakers Network, and wrote The Changemaker In You, with the goal of equipping and empowering more young people to take action and change the world. Tiyana has represented Australian Red Cross at Solferino, hosted a workshop on social change, been interviewed on our podcast and recently joined the Queensland Youth Advisory Committee to continue her humanitarian work.

Ben Chesler

Ben Chesler is a member of the ACT Youth Advisory Committee and is an active volunteer and contributor to REDxYouth workshops and programs. "The most significant change I've experienced in Australian Red Cross is the growing independence and ingenuity of our young volunteers. Young people are keen to make a positive change to Australia through Red Cross."

Elvis Martin

Elvis Martin’s dedication to social justice, compassion and equality has a big impact on those around him. A strong believer in the power of lived experience, Elvis bravely shares his own life journey through initiatives such as R U OK? Day, shifting perspectives, empowering others to share their own stories, and advocating for a culture that supports inclusion and mental wellbeing. Beyond his volunteer work with Australian Red Cross, Elvis is constantly engaging in the important conversations of our time and driving change wherever he can.

Renee Cremer

Renee Cremer is a Yuin woman who has an intrinsic need to help others and increase human security in all its forms. She is on a mission to change the way people perceive young motherhood as a barrier to achieving their ambitions and having a global impact. Renee participated in our REDxYouth Activators program and was selected to represent Australia at the G7 Youth Summit in 2021.

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