Donate to Red Cross Shops

Effort: Medium | Time: 5 hours

Need to de-clutter your wardrobe or home?

Donate your quality pre-loved clothing, accessories, and homewares to Red Cross Shops! We’re always in need of fantastic, preloved donations to sell in our stores.

The funds we raise support the humanitarian work of our Red Cross teams as they help people overcome hardship, crisis, and disaster in Australia and around the world.

By donating your quality clothing and homewares to Red Cross Shops, you’re not only making a positive social impact, but you’re also doing a good thing for the environment.

Steps to take action 

  1. Check out the list of accepted items that Red Cross Shops need and love.
  2. Set aside some time in your diary to declutter.
  3. Put on your favourite playlist and get started.
  4. Using our accepted items list create two piles: ’donate’ and ‘keep’.
    - Items in good condition that you no longer wear, or use can be placed in your ‘donate’ pile.
    - Items in good condition that you wear or use regularly can be placed in the ‘keep’ pile.
  5. Once you’re done sorting, take your donations to your local Red Cross Shop which can be found using our store locator.
  6. Ask our friendly team about our loyalty card!

Helpful resources and tips

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