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Leave a gift in your will

A gift to Red Cross in your Will means your memory will live on

How do you want to be remembered? Your sense of humour? Your love of dancing? Your determination to help others? What would be the one thing you would pass on to the next generation? 

Throughout our lives we’re influenced by the actions of the generations that come before. From grandparents and parents to school teachers and sports coaches, whether it’s knowledge, a skill or a passion, what you choose to pass on makes a positive difference to the next generation.

With a legacy donation you will pass on a helping hand to people who need it most. Your bequest will make an unforgettable difference to generations to come, both in Australia and around the world.

Leave a gift in your Will

By making a legacy donation to Australian Red Cross, you will send a powerful humanitarian message to the next generation, in Australia and all over the world.

What your gift could do

A gift in your Will could mean so much to the next generation. Safety from harm, a helping hand when it’s needed most, hope for the future.

Gentleman signing his will.

What would you pass on?

Your love of cooking, your musical ability, your sense of justice. Tell us, what you’d like to pass on to the next generation in our short survey.

Find out more about leaving a gift in your Will.

Making a legacy donation to charity is a decision you wonʼt want to rush.

If you eventually decide to include a bequest to Red Cross, we want to
make sure youʼre happy with that decision. Our free Wills Guide includes
everything you need to know about legacy donations.

Meet Shirley

Shirley Gash's father, Erle Chandler Gash, passed away in 2010 at the age of 93. Throughout Shirley's life, right up until his passing, Erle made her pledge that she would remember Red Cross and leave a bequest if able.

Help making or changing your Will

If you need help changing your Will or making a new one, we can help you find a reputable solicitor through the National Solicitor Network.

Everything you need to know

From the wording of your Will to the types of gift you could choose to bequest, we’ll give you all the essential information.

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