The heartbreaking photos of people on the move

Red Cross teams have mobilised to help people leaving Ukraine

Red Cross volunteers are giving food and water for people arriving from Ukraine at the border crossing point in Petea, Romania. Photo: Romania Red Cross 

Hungarian Red Cross has established information and first aid points along the border with Ukraine and is also providing shelter, food and hygiene items for people arriving. Photo: Hungarian Red Cross  

More than 100,000 refugees have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border since the conflict escalated on 24 February. Refugees arrive by train to Przemyśl, with 1,000 – 1,500 people on board, mostly women with children. Photo: Polish Red Cross 

In Ukraine, over 1,000 volunteers have joined the Ukrainian Red Cross in the last few days. These volunteers are delivering humanitarian assistance where the security situation allows. Under mortal danger themselves, they are still working tirelessly to support their communities. 

Even amid fighting that limits humanitarian response, the Ukrainian Red Cross is supporting people and communities affected by conflict. Photo: Ukrainian Red Cross 

3,000 volunteers and 550 staff of the Ukrainian Red Cross are assisting people. Photo: Ukrainian Red Cross 

Ukrainian Red Cross is providing food and basic necessities to thousands of people hiding in bomb shelters and metro stations. Photo: Ukrainian Red Cross.  

Individual volunteers and branches in every community across Ukraine are responding and helping people across the country, when they can and in whatever ways they can. Photo: Ukrainian Red Cross  

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