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2nd Annual International Humanitarian Law Symposium 2018

Presented by Australian Red Cross and the University of Tasmania

Registration open

Photo: Jerome Sessini/Magnum Photos for ICRC

The Australian Red Cross Symposium on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) features some of Australia’s finest IHL experts and educators.  In this two day event, participants will discuss best practice IHL dissemination and teaching methods, as well as explore contemporary issues in IHL and discover new ways of teaching these emerging trends.

Also known as the ‘laws of war’, IHL is the system of regulation and protection in times of armed conflict.  How we understand these laws, and how we educate the next generation of Australians required to apply IHL in their work (e.g. lawyers, policy-makers, military and private enterprise) plays a vital role in ensuring respect for these laws.

The IHL Symposium is open to academics, educators and practitioners in Australia, as well as anyone with a particular interest in IHL.  This event will bring together an already strong network of educators from across Australia, but also seeks to make IHL practical and accessible for those not currently teaching IHL, but perhaps wanting to.

2018 Keynote Speaker

Dr Fiona Terry, Head of the Centre for Operational Research and Experience, International Committee of the Red Cross




You can download the updated program here.

Thursday 1 November 2018

Annual IHL Teaching Workshop

Join us for a series of workshops, discussions and simulations, aimed at sharing and generating innovative ideas on how to teach IHL.  Sessions will be facilitated by experts including:

  • Dr Emily Crawford, University of Sydney
  • GPCAPT Ian Henderson, Office of Judge Advocate General
  • Dr Matt Killingsworth, University of Tasmania

Friday 2 November 2018

Our theme this year will focus on “Restraint in Warfare”.  Panels will consider themes such as:

  • The roots of restraint in war
  • The implementation of targeting rules and how armed forces calculate proportionality in the field
  • The challenges of restraining warfare in the current political environment


The University of Tasmania
Harvard Lecture Theatre 1, Centenary Building 
Hobart, Tasmania

For any other enquiries, please contact Fauve Kurnadi | (07) 3367 7290

University of Tasmania